Our Services

REAL Performance© accountability process

Calzonetti Consulting’s flagship team engagement and accountability process. It is a performance game changer at individual, group and organizational levels.

Training and Development

Some of our Training and Development focus includes:

  • Communication skills and effective leadership
  • Feedback skills for performance managers
  • Winning Sales skills for today’s marketplace
  • Leadership and how to create higher employee engagement
  • Managing conflict in customer service environments
  • Coaching effectively using a New School approach
  • Valuing diversity and a winning business culture
  • Lean Management and Effective Coaching: A Necessity in Continuous Improvement


“You can’t train to win an Olympic Gold medal without great coaching”

High Performance Coaching Skills:  especially required in winning with Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management

Individual and Group Assessment Tools

In support of individual and group development, we offer our clients a number of Personality and Behavioural Assessment tools.