Training and Development

Continuous improvement and investmentment in employee training are essential if businesses want to succeed in today’s competitive and constantly evolving marketplace. Practical skills based training that is energizing and challenging at both personal and professional levels remains one of the most powerful ways to empower professionals to meet challenge and opportunity with confidence.
Knowing you should eat right and exercise is not the same as actually eating right and exercising.
Participants in our courses establish action plans and ongoing development goals in class to support the application of course content and skills post-training.

Some of our Training and Development focus includes:

  • Communication skills and effective leadership
  • DISC personality inventory:  Increasing team and individual effectiveness
  • Feedback skills for performance managers
  • Winning Sales skills for today’s marketplace
  • Leadership and how to create higher employee engagement
  • Managing conflict in customer service environments
  • Coaching effectively using a New School approach
  • Valuing diversity and a winning business culture