REAL Performance© accountability process

Responsible, Evolving, Accountable, Leadership©

REAL Performance is a powerful accountability process designed and facilitated to improve individual and team performance.  More than a team development tool, it is a driver of cultural change within organizations.  By engaging vertical groups, from the senior level to the front line, REAL Performance provides a framework for teams to communicate, trust one another, resolve challenges and achieve more than ever before.

Utilizing a 4 step process that identifies and capitalizes upon individual and team strengths, and identifies and reduces individual and team barriers to performance, REAL Performance drives higher performance at all levels.

REAL Performance©

Calzonetti Consulting’s flagship team engagement and accountability process. It is a performance game changer at individual, department and organizational levels.

Benefits of REAL Performance©

  • Real-life barriers to teamwork and performance are discussed openly with safety and respect.  
  • Immediate team development occurs both vertically and horizontally.     
  • Team members increase their skills and confidence to deliver direct and constructive feedback to one another.  
  • Team members, from the senior person to the front line employee are held in account to demonstrate core values.  
  • Key performance targets are clearly articulated and achieved.
  • Communication, engagement and trust are improved “on the spot”.
  • The team is empowered, and aligned to create and achieve in new and significant ways.