About Us

Every client has retained our services for additional work and support.  

Over 30 years of experience in providing personal and business development services.  Provide work in Canada, Mexico and the United States.  Over 6000 total group sessions delivered. 

Expert facilitation with a broad ranging academic background including Psychology, MBA, CHRL designation, Engineering, Mental Health and Addictions treatment.

CALZONETTI CONSULTING provides organizational development service based upon the fundamental philosophy professional development cannot occur without personal growth.

We make a difference by helping you make a difference.

One example is our partnership with a leading manufacturing client over a 7 year period.  Leaders from all levels across Canada went through our Employee Engagement training, DiSC Personality Assessment and our REAL Performance accountability process.  Some of the measurable results achieved by this organization during this time include:


  • 5% increase in employee engagement nationally from one year to the next
  • 25% increase in employee engagement over a five year period
  • Short term disability claims down 30%
  • Safety rating improved from 1.44 to .044
  • Quit rate cut in half