Training and Development

Continuous improvement and investment in employee training and personal development services are essential if businesses want to succeed in today’s competitive and constantly evolving marketplace.

Through an introspective and practical approach participants participate in an exceptional head and heart experience.  Our training is energizing and supports significant learning and development on business and personal levels.     

Our training programs have a vital EQ development focus.    

Participants in our courses establish action plans and ongoing development goals in class to support the application of course content and skills post-training.

What have participants said about our Training and Development?

“This training stuck with me and led me down a path to introspection and healing and my whole life has changed for the better!  I am the happiest I’ve ever been and just wanted to say thank you.”

“The training has fundamentally changed the way I will coach my employees”

“I wish I had this training before I became a VP”

“…challenging, supportive, introspective, emotional and eye opening”

“I realize now I was shutting down my family with control and not engaging them with questions.  I am committed to being a better parent and a better spouse.”

“A moving and emotional experience.  The honesty and sharing in the room were incredible.”

“I feel more confident to provide feedback to my boss, my self esteem is higher now”

“The best Leadership and personal development training I’ve ever experienced”