“You can’t train to win an Olympic Gold medal without great coaching”

Calzonetti Consulting offers our clients a unique coaching approach.  Knowing you can’t take anyone where you can’t go yourself, our coaching service enables business professionals to gain valuable insight into themselves, as well as how to lead more effectively. Utilizing a skills development focus and a challenging accountability process, the coaching we provide builds upon the fundamental principle “great Leadership requires high EQ, not just technical experience and IQ.”.

In addition to the individual coaching, we offer “Group Coaching”.  Enabling both group and individual development, we recommend you experience the dynamic value of Group Coaching first hand. 

The extended benefits of group coaching are the right fit for many of our clients.

Our Coaching service is needs based in design and delivery. Through a partnership between the client and coach,  performance goals and development needs are clearly established and achieved. Utilizing in-depth needs assessments and evaluation tools, the client and Coach partner for maximum results.